Potato Chips on Weight Watchers? Yes You Can!

by Queen of Points on March 24, 2011

Full bag of Zapps Regular Potato Chips: 6 Points Plus

At a recent Weight Watchers meeting, we discussed the importance of not depriving yourself. If you feel as though you’re deprived, you’re much less likely to succeed staying on plan. Our leader, Mary, gave us some homework: go get some food that you love. Something you’re afraid you’ll miss, or something that you love that would trigger feelings of guilt if you indulge. Then split it into manageable portions. Or eat some of it and get rid of the rest.

Photo of front of bag & nutritional info for Zapps Potato Chips

I chose potato chips. I love me some potato chips! So the next time I went to Central Market, I scoped out the chips, with my Weight Watchers iPhone app in hand.

The first thing I learned: Not all potato chips are created equal. There are different bag sizes, different portion numbers, and different fat and carb contents.

The second thing I learned: Make sure you’re counting the right things. The first bag I checked — and this was a small bag — came out to 46 points, and I thought “Holy Crap! No wonder I’m fat!”. Thankfully, I had mistakenly counted the calories from fat rather than the grams of fat. Whew!

The winner was Zapps. These are good, extra-crispy, REAL potato chips. The bag size is 1.5 oz., which is a bit smaller than many other brands. A whole bag is only 6 points!

And to make my delicious snack last longer, I divvy the bag into 2 snack-size baggies. So that’s only 3  points per snack — the same as most of the official Weight Watchers snack.

Have you discovered any snacks you thought might be off limits that turned out to be entirely workable?

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